How to say “cheers” in Scottish Gaelic.

In Scotland (and in many other places, but speaking of Scotland specifically), we often use the term “cheers” when raising a glass, whether that’s to acknowledge a toast or as part of a celebration.

We raise and clink our glasses together before wishing each other “cheers” in merriment, and that is the context that I would primarily use for this phrase.

What many people don’t know is that “slàinte” is actually the word for “health,”  so, as well as your celebratory “cheers,”  by wishing someone “slàinte mhath! You are also wishing them “good health!”!

“Slàinte” (slan-CHEH) which means ‘Health’

“mhath” (vah) which means ‘Good’

“Slàinte mhath!” means ‘Good health!/Cheers!’

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