The Bag Of Autumnal Dreams..

        The clocks have gone back, huzzah! As a lover of bed, I am happy that I had that extra hour to waste (usually on my phone) and not feel like the day has already passed by the time I decide to move I am now sitting with a hot cup of

A/W 2015 Fashion Staples/Lust List

As Winter is looming, I love to buy some staple pieces for my wardrobe. Work or leisure.. It is nice to have a statement piece when the rest of your wardrobe is ..for me, mostly black. So I have put together a little ASOS/Topshop/River Island lust list that I have at the moment. It doesn't

H&M – Palm Leaf Bikini

  I don't know where this palm leaf (heck..leaves in general) lust came from! The palm leaf print is everywhere right now, and i'm not complaining! Granted, when I find a trend I like, I really go for it! And this one is not exception.. I have spotted jumpsuits, vest tops, skirts all around town

Wicked UK Tour

I think I will start off by saying I am not a huge theatre go-er. I don't dislike the theatre, but I never caught that big theatre bug! In saying that, there are a lot of shows that I think 'oh yeh, must go see that sometime' So, when the opportunity to see Wicked came

Rimmel Moisture Renew – Funtime Fuchsia 320

Back to lipsticks, this time with the Rimmel Moisture Renew - Funtime Fuchsia 320 Nothing new then! I bought this before Christmas and I thought ooh.. it's a bright one, save this for nights out when i'm feeling a little daring! But for some reason, don't have a clue why.. I decided to put it on

Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse Fake Tan

As part of a Christmas collaboration with the Scottish Blogger Network I will be posting some reviews over the next week or so on a variety of products. First up, Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse in the shade medium bronze :) I love fake tan, but i'm pretty lazy when it comes to applying it.

Yo!Sushi Aberdeen Review

Should probably start by saying, I am no food connoisseur.. but I do eat a lot of it! I was contacted about a tasting evening at Yo! Sushi in Aberdeen.. I had never actually been before because I normally go for meals with Peter but he is not a fish lover and as the name

L’Oreal Caresse – Dating Coral

I think I should run a lipstick blog. I would if I had that sexy sultry look and more pillowy lips.. but I definitely look like nothing other than a round faced minor.  But coming close to the wrong side of my 20s, I am still thankful of that fact. ANYWAY... The second of my

Seventeen Lip Crayon

Last week was a bad week. I say that, but there is no actual reason for it, and it wasn't all that bad.. it was a busy week, so.. I guess I was looking for excuses to shop so hey, as I said.. it was a bad week :) I always buy new lip products

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 16

Do you get the impression I like the Kate Moss lipsticks? This is the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 16 Another cheap and cheerful addition to my ever growing collection of lip products! I have been wanting this lipstick since Christmas.. oooh... ahhh.. a nice pale pink.. I TOTALLY don't have enough of these.. I managed to