Prep Fitness Kitchen Review (Glasgow)

  Peter has been harping on about trying this place, Prep Fitness Kitchen, for ages. Ages! While we had a few days in Glasgow, he finally got his way and we went for lunch. I wasn't opposed to going, but he's not a salesman..telling me how it was great for gym goers, healthy balanced meals

Hotter Shoes Discount Code

Hotter Shoes Discount Code: PPATEN *£10 off plus FREE delivery is for first orders only. You are entitled to £10 off the total order value of any full priced items in the Hotter range (excluding shoe care products and accessories) plus FREE delivery. Minimum order value £25. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other

Ikea Aberdeen

For those of us in Scotland that don't live quite near an Ikea, Ikea Aberdeen is a big deal. For so long we have waited for something like this, until now going to Ikea has always been a big day out..travelling down to Edinburgh or Glasgow and really making a day of it. We never

Layering In Spring

Layering in Spring is a big part of the British wardrobe. It may look sunny in pictures but it is cold, but also warm.. it is so changeable in the day that you need to be prepared for anything. Getting the scarf on, whipping your coat just never know! This is my go to

Discounted Sportswear?

It was sunshine..and then it was hail..but I decided to do this outfit post anyway. I hope you all had a lovely weekend! We went to Glasgow for the day on Saturday and seeing as I think Glasgow has some of the best graffiti, I had to find some for an impromptu outfit post. Granted,

Bread Meats Bread Review

We went to Glasgow, fell into Bread Meats Bread..And now I have another food post, oy oy oy! I don't know what it is (well, I like food obviously) but I have been enjoying posting more on the restaurants and food places that we have visited recently. Oh, and I blame the weather. There was

Lastbus Works Canteen Review

I think we all have places in mind that we must visit, things we must do. Places I have heard great things about. Sadly, I also think that time escapes us far quicker than we anticipate and for me I forget, I move on and I don't experience all the things I wish I had.

Real Techniques Brush Cleaner

It's not often I get excited about the launch of a product, especially a makeup brush cleaner (Ok, makeup brush cleansing palette.. that doesn't roll off the tongue so easily) but I was genuinely excited for this! A little bit of a backstory..I used to clean the brushes in the palm of my hand with

A Day In Dundee

Last weekend we decided to go somewhere different and we spent a day in Dundee! I often think Dundee is overlooked in comparison to the other Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness. Somewhere you go through to get to another destination and rarely somewhere you visit. Dundee is just over an hours drive

Rimmel Sculpting Palette – 002

I have seen quite a few posts on the Rimmel Sculpting Palettes by Kate Moss but I wanted to get in on the act. Strangely for me, I bought this in a lighter shade than I would normally choose which is 002 - Coral Glow. Although it does also come in a lighter shade again

Embroidered Jeans – Yes or No?

When I heard before Christmas that embroidered jeans would be in fashion again this year, I told everyone I knew..'don't let me buy into that was awful then, just stop me if you hear me say I like them, no way will I want them' So a couple of weeks ago I bought some

Union Square Supper Safari (Aberdeen)

Last week I went to the Union Square Supper Safari in Aberdeen. As you will know, I am not a huge food blogger..I tend to eat the same things and I never think anyone will be interested but this was such an interesting idea to me.. For those of you who are not from Aberdeen,