Are We Over The Cold Shoulder?

Baby, it's cold outside. Since the temperature dropped, I have been living in a permanent slumber of peppermint tea and wooly tights (or wooly anything). Who's with me?!   Over the past week I have been reminiscing over holiday photos from Summer (Why do I do this? It's self torture!) and this dress really stood out to me

How Do You Feel About Surprise Trips? #sp

How do you feel about surprise trips? Surprises in general.. do they fill you with fear or excitement? If you like them, this Surprise Trips competition may be for you. Peter and I have been together for almost 9 years, surprises are generally few and far between these days but we both have a love

Embroidered Jeans – Did I Need Another Pair?

    You may remember my do I/don't I with these pair of embroidered jeans. Do I love them or hate them? Well, the trend is still here and I have well and truly jumped aboard! I bought these gorgeous New Look jeans a couple of weeks ago and you cannot pry them off my legs. (Writing this, I may

Where To Stay – Los Angeles

        We had 10 days booked for our stay in Los Angeles and although we have seen a lot of people hotel hopping (which looks fantastic), we wanted an all rounder. Somewhere that would tick all the boxes and involved minimal effort on our part so that we could enjoy the time we had. After

How To Dress Rich, When You’re Not

 We are back from LA and I am absolutely desperado to get away again! This world is just too big to sit at home dreaming. My thoughts are that I am planning to do a mixture of travel, food and outfit posts of my time away with Peter.  I want to do it as much for my own

Girl With The Pearl Earrings

Eek! Tomorrow we fly to LA. My head is abuzz with the thought of packing, outfits, what books to take, where will we go? What have I not done that I should have? Everyone does this, right? It's totally normal to be this anxious before a holiday. Along with those I am considering the details..

Dishoom – Breakfast Restaurant Review

Dishoom is one of those places I had walked past a couple of times, it caught my eye, I looked at the website but never had a chance to go in. While me and Peter were in London we thought breakfast would be a great opportunity to visit, so on a bright and sunny day

Kayla Itsines BBG Results Weeks 1-4

With all the social media around us these days, it was getting harder to ignore all the perfect beach bodies I was seeing and I looked into a couple of workout programmes and settled on the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide). As I mentioned in my Bucket List I have wanted to work towards that body i've

Smoke BBQ Restaurant Review

  I was really interested in going to the chain SMOKE BBQ. Forget cutlery (of course, optional) and get stuck in! I am partial to a rough and ready meal. It doesn't have to be fancy and Instagram ready if the flavour is there. And, who doesn't like barbecue food? Based on West Regent Street in

T In The Park

Yesterday, me and Peter went to T In The Park. It was my first time at a festival. I honestly think I had been brainwashed by Instagram and believed that it would be all pretty dresses and sunny weather with a couple of ciders, maybe a pair of espadrilles. Boy, was I wrong! T In The

London Attraction – Sky Garden

    A different kind of outfit post from me today. I had taken photos of this outfit and planned a post for while I was away but as with one of my last posts - The files would not transfer properly! I really need to learn more about my camera it seems. Luckily I

Giraffe Aberdeen – Restaurant Review

  I had my first Giraffe Aberdeen Restaurant experience! This post is WAY overdue but..I think pictures are important, especially of food.. and sometimes technology does not want to play on the same team. After countless attempts of downloading, exporting, uploading, different cameras..we got there! Moving on.. I had been meaning to go to Giraffe

The Travel Diaries – Oslo

picture from In one of my last posts The Travel Diaries I told you how I wanted to do more with my life. A bucket list, so to speak. See more, experience more. I think about this a lot. I know people create bucket lists all the time but rarely go that bit further to achieve any

Haddo House – Outfit Post

On sunny days - I love to get out of the city. Aberdeenshire has some gorgeous places to go and Haddo House is one of my absolute favourites. The grounds are endless, the history always sucks me in. There are ponds with ducks and geese.. and wee 'lings! Countless dogs running free. It's a great place