Dreaded Weight Gain Over Christmas?

2 things. 1 - Trying to film a Youtube video makes you SO critical of yourself. Your every look, gesture and movement. I always knew that would be the case and it was my biggest worry as I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. Hey, there you go! I still did it.. 2 - I

Should We Have ‘Girl Boss’ Goals For 2017?

Happy New Year! We are nearly 4 days in and all I've done is watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I sh*t you not. I've realised that there is a lot to learn from them. No, really! Not only are they majorly girl bossing it, but they have great family values, work ethic, forgive easily and

The Calm Before The Storm

It literally is the calm before the storm at this point as storm Barbara is on her way to Scotland! Not only that, Christmas is finally upon us with only a couple of days to go. Scary how quickly that happened! I wonder just how mad, 'mad Friday' is going to be tomorrow! I made the

Do I Still ‘Fit In’? Pushing My Boundaries

I think all of us bloggers, at some point, compare ourselves to others. These horrible nagging thoughts.. 'Do I still "fit in"? Do people see my content? Is it worth it when others do it SO much better? Am I pretty enough? Am I cool enough? Do I stand out..?' It's completely normal, right? But it's

Drake Is My Inspo

 On Saturday, we had our works Christmas night out. I was fine, totally fine. I swear. But I still felt that fragile coldness the next morning, the kind you only feel after a night of heavy drinking and of course, I used the excuse to go for a fry up on Sunday! We took a

Living With Facial Dermatitis

The post title sounds oh so dramatic. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been dealing with some skin changes this Winter. Out of nowhere, BAM, facial dermatitis. Something I have never suffered from before but has really brought out every insecurity in me. It's my face. I can't hide it. People can see

Dishoom – Breakfast Restaurant Review

Dishoom is one of those places I had walked past a couple of times, it caught my eye, I looked at the website but never had a chance to go in. While me and Peter were in London we thought breakfast would be a great opportunity to visit, so on a bright and sunny day

Kayla Itsines BBG Results Weeks 1-4

With all the social media around us these days, it was getting harder to ignore all the perfect beach bodies I was seeing and I looked into a couple of workout programmes and settled on the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide). As I mentioned in my Bucket List I have wanted to work towards that body i've

Smoke BBQ Restaurant Review

  I was really interested in going to the chain SMOKE BBQ. Forget cutlery (of course, optional) and get stuck in! I am partial to a rough and ready meal. It doesn't have to be fancy and Instagram ready if the flavour is there. And, who doesn't like barbecue food? Based on West Regent Street in

T In The Park

Yesterday, me and Peter went to T In The Park. It was my first time at a festival. I honestly think I had been brainwashed by Instagram and believed that it would be all pretty dresses and sunny weather with a couple of ciders, maybe a pair of espadrilles. Boy, was I wrong! T In The

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