The Calm Before The Storm

It literally is the calm before the storm at this point as storm Barbara is on her way to Scotland! Not only that, Christmas is finally upon us with only a couple of days to go. Scary how quickly that happened! I wonder just how mad, 'mad Friday' is going to be tomorrow! I made the

Where To Stay – Los Angeles

        We had 10 days booked for our stay in Los Angeles and although we have seen a lot of people hotel hopping (which looks fantastic), we wanted an all rounder. Somewhere that would tick all the boxes and involved minimal effort on our part so that we could enjoy the time we had. After

Girl With The Pearl Earrings

Eek! Tomorrow we fly to LA. My head is abuzz with the thought of packing, outfits, what books to take, where will we go? What have I not done that I should have? Everyone does this, right? It's totally normal to be this anxious before a holiday. Along with those I am considering the details..

Dishoom – Breakfast Restaurant Review

Dishoom is one of those places I had walked past a couple of times, it caught my eye, I looked at the website but never had a chance to go in. While me and Peter were in London we thought breakfast would be a great opportunity to visit, so on a bright and sunny day

Kayla Itsines BBG Results Weeks 1-4

With all the social media around us these days, it was getting harder to ignore all the perfect beach bodies I was seeing and I looked into a couple of workout programmes and settled on the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide). As I mentioned in my Bucket List I have wanted to work towards that body i've

Smoke BBQ Restaurant Review

  I was really interested in going to the chain SMOKE BBQ. Forget cutlery (of course, optional) and get stuck in! I am partial to a rough and ready meal. It doesn't have to be fancy and Instagram ready if the flavour is there. And, who doesn't like barbecue food? Based on West Regent Street in

T In The Park

Yesterday, me and Peter went to T In The Park. It was my first time at a festival. I honestly think I had been brainwashed by Instagram and believed that it would be all pretty dresses and sunny weather with a couple of ciders, maybe a pair of espadrilles. Boy, was I wrong! T In The

London Attraction – Sky Garden

    A different kind of outfit post from me today. I had taken photos of this outfit and planned a post for while I was away but as with one of my last posts - The files would not transfer properly! I really need to learn more about my camera it seems. Luckily I

Prep Fitness Kitchen Review (Glasgow)

  Peter has been harping on about trying this place, Prep Fitness Kitchen, for ages. Ages! While we had a few days in Glasgow, he finally got his way and we went for lunch. I wasn't opposed to going, but he's not a salesman..telling me how it was great for gym goers, healthy balanced meals

Ikea Aberdeen

For those of us in Scotland that don't live quite near an Ikea, Ikea Aberdeen is a big deal. For so long we have waited for something like this, until now going to Ikea has always been a big day out..travelling down to Edinburgh or Glasgow and really making a day of it. We never

Bread Meats Bread Review

We went to Glasgow, fell into Bread Meats Bread..And now I have another food post, oy oy oy! I don't know what it is (well, I like food obviously) but I have been enjoying posting more on the restaurants and food places that we have visited recently. Oh, and I blame the weather. There was

Real Techniques Brush Cleaner

It's not often I get excited about the launch of a product, especially a makeup brush cleaner (Ok, makeup brush cleansing palette.. that doesn't roll off the tongue so easily) but I was genuinely excited for this! A little bit of a backstory..I used to clean the brushes in the palm of my hand with

Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse Fake Tan

As part of a Christmas collaboration with the Scottish Blogger Network I will be posting some reviews over the next week or so on a variety of products. First up, Sunkissed Instant Self Tanning Mousse in the shade medium bronze :) I love fake tan, but i'm pretty lazy when it comes to applying it.

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