DIY – Easy Festive Glitter Nails

 Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! Hopefully by now you are all suitably stuffed and content with all the delights that this day brings. Sadly, we are not celebrating Christmas until tomorrow so today has been challenging.. but I have loved seeing everyones posts on social media! I am definitely living vicariously through others today. On

Real Techniques Brush Cleaner

It's not often I get excited about the launch of a product, especially a makeup brush cleaner (Ok, makeup brush cleansing palette.. that doesn't roll off the tongue so easily) but I was genuinely excited for this! A little bit of a backstory..I used to clean the brushes in the palm of my hand with

Rimmel Sculpting Palette – 002

I have seen quite a few posts on the Rimmel Sculpting Palettes by Kate Moss but I wanted to get in on the act. Strangely for me, I bought this in a lighter shade than I would normally choose which is 002 - Coral Glow. Although it does also come in a lighter shade again

L’Oreal Caresse – Dating Coral

I think I should run a lipstick blog. I would if I had that sexy sultry look and more pillowy lips.. but I definitely look like nothing other than a round faced minor.  But coming close to the wrong side of my 20s, I am still thankful of that fact. ANYWAY... The second of my

Seventeen Lip Crayon

Last week was a bad week. I say that, but there is no actual reason for it, and it wasn't all that bad.. it was a busy week, so.. I guess I was looking for excuses to shop so hey, as I said.. it was a bad week :) I always buy new lip products

Rimmel Kate Moss 22

You know I love my red lipsticks, and this is the latest addition to my collection! Rimmel Kate Moss in 22 It is more of an orange toned red which isn't usually what I go for, but it just makes me think of that old school glamour. Red with a pop. I love the Kate

Gosh Lipstick – 145 Shocking Coral

I still look dead behind the eyes.Must be away with the fairies :)I am a lipstick obsessive,so what better way to get back into the swing of things than to write a post on a new lipstick!And in comes Gosh - Shocking Coral:)Gosh lipsticks are not something I have ventured too far into!I own the one