It came and went so quickly!

Our holiday to Dubrovnik in Croatia is now over but I am so happy to be able to share it with you.

It was so fun to watch the first couple of days back and I will have a second vlog showing trips and experiences we had while there.

Croatia is absolutely beautiful and I can’t recommend it enough. If it’s on your radar – do it! If it’s not, hopefully this will help change that!

FYI Game of Thrones/Star Wars have filmed there. They have guided tours of filming locations if that’s your thing. I was not aware of this beforehand so I thought it was worth mentioning.

This vlog is of us arriving in Croatia/Dubrovnik and just taking it all in.

Eating some food (as always) and exploring. When it comes to Croatian is a BIG thing, just for those people who are put off by fresh fish.

It was hot, sunny and just a gorgeous sight to take in. I definitely have the travel bug and wanderlust has hit me hard since coming back. Really hard.

We travelled to Croatia with Jet2 on a budget holiday and used Airbnb for our accommodatio.

We had a fantastic experience with both.

Staying just outside Dubrovnik in the town of Mlini which was only about a fifteen minute bus ride into the Old Town.

Buses are incredibly cheap and probably the best way to get around if you are visiting Croatia.