I have never tried the Primark make up range before and this is my first impressions video of the new Primark PS Lip Kits.

Molten Lava is part of the ‘metallic’ Primark PS beauty lip kit range which I was SO excited to try out!

These are loosely based on the ever popular Kylie Jenner lip kits as they have a lip liner and liquid lipstick but for a fraction of the cost at £3!

There are other shades in both ‘matte’ and ‘metallic’ Primark make up ranges if you want to check them out!

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This is my first ‘speaking’ video on Youtube and the fear was REAL. I always thought I had quite a neutral accent. Scottish but not identifiable. Although i’ve been told how high pitched and whiny my voice is.. for years… I never took that as gospel. It’s funny how critical of yourself you become when you have to watch yourself.

All the annoying facial expressions and gestures. I can DEFINITELY see how you could get a warped sense of self making videos! I am still really enjoying making videos and have a couple in the pipeline.

The future plan is that I want to film a couple of vlogs. As someone who enjoys watching vlogs, I wonder what it is that people enjoy watching in them!

Seriously, I underestimated how hard Youtube would be, I never thought it would be easy but I do think it’s harder than you think. My love will always be for blogging! Although I have neglected this space for a little while due to other life circumstances, you guys, and this space.. are my favourite!