Your Perfect Valentine's OutfitBlush Mules

If you hadn’t yet noticed, Valentines Day is around the corner! Now I know that this is not everyones favourite holiday. It seems to have a huge love/hate stigma attached to it.

If i’m being honest, me and Peter are not huge on it. This year is our tenth year together and we will probably go for a nice lunch or get a takeaway in the evening. We used to go out for meals but it felt a bit forced, surrounded by tables of other couples. It felt as though it was what should be done and not done for our own enjoyment, which is why we now do something a little more relaxed.

That doesn’t mean we make no effort though. We may not be big on PDA but we do like to make an effort. I usually do this with my outfit.

I LOVE these Esmme Mules* from Ego! A gorgeous blush tone which are great for the day, paired with a casual outfit of a jumper and jeans (It is still really cold in February!) a dusty pink trench and my heart buckled belt! Perfect.

I am a girls girl and I do like to give a subtle nod to the day. I don’t think it has to be overtly sexy, I prefer the feminine look..after all, pink to make the boys wink!

Your Perfect Valentine's OutfitScottish Fashion BloggerBlush Coloured Mules

On the other hand – Some of the best Valentines I have had have been nights out with the girls. Whether you are in a relationship or single, you can have such a laugh going out with your friends.

Getting ready for a night out is the best part in my opinion. And let’s face it, girls dress for other girls.

Embroidered Heels

These envy inducing Elise Platform Heels* have received SO many compliments. Pretty but sexy. There is nothing better than getting dressed up and putting on amazing heels to give you that kick of confidence. These are surprisingly comfortable. I’m not sure you could dance all night in them but you would look good trying!

Velvet Embroidered Heels

How do you celebrate Valentines?