I have neglected the beauty side of my blog for a little while, so I have come back with a Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler tutorial!

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I am also looking for ideas of any tags/videos that are good for a newbie to do. To get in the swing of things!

Back to the post..This styler has been seen everywhere recently and is such a quick and fun way to experiment with your hair.

My hair is naturally pretty straight (a couple of rogue waves here and there). Fine and straight but I have quite a lot of it.

Curls tend to drop quickly when I use a normal wand but this is blimmin’ great!

The curls last a day or two (until washing, for me) which is unheard of.

My hair feels so light and voluminous (such a fun word to say)! This is definitely a tool to keep an eye on – And it is extremely affordable priced around £15!