2 things.

1 – Trying to film a Youtube video makes you SO critical of yourself. Your every look, gesture and movement. I always knew that would be the case and it was my biggest worry as I have a very unhealthy relationship with food. Hey, there you go! I still did it..

2 – I put on weight over Christmas. Not heaps. But enough.

I mean, it was kind of 50% worth it. Tasted good, enjoyed the holidays but harder to backtrack now.

Scottish Fashion Blogger

Weight, weight, weight. Unfortunately my weight gain never goes to one area.

It’s the whole shebang!

Especially my face, which has always been chubby enough without added padding!

Scottish Fashion Blogger

At a small 5’2, and I have said it many times before.. it doesn’t take much of a weight gain to make a difference on me!

I feel horrible and uncomfortable in myself (also as a result of seeing myself on camera)

So I went to bed early last night to mope consider a way forward. Always wishing for the quick fix. Do I diet? Go veggie? Cut out carbs?

I might do a little of all three. Let’s face it, I could never cut out carbs (quite possibly the main aspect of a Scottish diet) – so maybe cut down.

Weight Gain Over Christmas

Personally, I really enjoyed the Kayla Itsines BBG, it worked. And it worked well for me! Food and fittness alike. So time to get back on it!

Writing posts – I do it as motivation for myself but also because I feel if I put it in writing.. I might actually stick to it!

What are you doing to get rid of the dreaded weight (if you have any)?