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Girl Boss Goals

Happy New Year! We are nearly 4 days in and all I’ve done is watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I sh*t you not.

I’ve realised that there is a lot to learn from them. No, really! Not only are they majorly girl bossing it, but they have great family values, work ethic, forgive easily and have a lot of fun. Maybe it’s easier when you have such a privileged life.. but I think there are lessons to be learnt.

It really gets you thinking, especially around the New Year period as everyone makes their resolutions.

I never liked the term ‘girl boss’, I like the sentiment but it sounds a bit cringe..BUT I am going to loosen up this year and go with it. So lets create some girl boss goals!

Of course, I intend to drink more water..

Lose some weight, exercise more, eat healthier, go to bed earlier, read more and all the other promises I make myself yearly.

More personal goals on the other hand are a little harder. I need to be a little bit more sassy (and a little less passive aggressive). Confidence is such a huge and attractive part of peoples personalities, a quality I have always admired but something I have always lacked in.

This year I am going to venture so far out of my comfort zone. What is the worst that could happen? Maybe some great opportunities will come up if I open myself up to the idea.

I have always remained a backseat lurker on social media, admiring everyone else. This year I am going to get more involved!

Follow me

Pushing myself into blogging more so make sure to follow on Bloglovin’.

I am about to post my first Youtube video.

Posting daily on Instagram.

Following and interacting more than ever on Twitter.

I would love to find more bloggers and youtubers to follow and interact with also. We get so stuck inside our little circles and variety is the spice of life as they say!

This is going to be a good year! I promise to follow more people, click on more links and comment on more posts.

Girl Boss Goals – Lets support each other. There is enough room for everyone.