So my first Youtube video is now live!

It would mean the world right now if you would check it out/subscribe – here

This is something I have spoken about doing for years. Literal, years. It probably seems so silly, I know not many people will see it but the fact that I have now physically got something on my channel is a big step for me.

For some reason, it’s been terrifying. There is something so daunting about showing yourself in motion rather than posting a simple photo!

I think it may be because Youtube has a reputation for people being brutally honest. What’s worse than putting your insecurities out there, and someone else commenting and validating that insecurity.

For 2017, as I said in my last post, I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone. We cant hold ourselves back from things we really want to do because of a fear of the unknown (unless you know, there are real dangers!)

So Youtube is mine.

I have posted a short 3 outfit lookbook. Casual weekend outfits I have worn this January.

I want to remain high street fashion focused but would love some feedback on peoples favourite types of videos to watch!