Hello there!

I am currently sitting looking out of a very misty window, at what I can only describe as torrential rain!

It’s been like this for the past 4 days now! Sunny Scotland, it is not!

You get very used to the weather here, you can’t let it hold you back!

With this in mind, I spent the weekend filming my first vlog.
I have been watching so many vlogs recently, trying to work out what I want my filming to be like.

I like how it has come together. We spent the weekend going for a couple of day trips.We chose Stonehaven and Dundee. It rained, it snowed, there was a lot of mascara running..and a lot of coffee and cake.

Strangely, I couldn’t find that many Scottish vlogs when searching! I always think it’s funny when you see sights you know in a video and I hope my videos will have that for some Scots out there!

As always – it would mean so much to me if you would check out my channel, and maybe subscribe?