Scottish Fashion Blogger

I think all of us bloggers, at some point, compare ourselves to others.

These horrible nagging thoughts..

‘Do I still “fit in”? Do people see my content? Is it worth it when others do it SO much better? Am I pretty enough? Am I cool enough? Do I stand out..?’

Leopard Print Coat

It’s completely normal, right?

But it’s so unbelievably self-deprecating. I am another level guilty of this.

I have been blogging on and off for years now, sometimes I like to sit back and appreciate everyone else’s content, not putting out anything of my own.

Sometimes I have major FOMO and push myself so far overboard that it’s unattainable. Right now i’m doing it for me and I am enjoying it (if the momentum lasts) but still, all of the statements above run through my head regularly.

High Street Fashion Blogger

I started writing this blog about beauty, I love beauty.. but perhaps that’s not where my strengths lie.

I try to do a little food and lifestyle blogging to shake things up every now and then.

I love fashion – This is what my blog has really gravitated towards.

I class myself as a High Street Fashion Blogger. I live in a small city, high street fashion is what we have readily available so that is what I know. And as I said, love!

High Street Fashion Blogger

It may not be adventurous or overtly glamorous but it is real life. This is what I really wear. This is how I really look. This is what I really buy.

I have decided that this is my USP (unique selling point) if we must define ourselves by one.. and right now, it seems as though everyone is!

In The New Year

I would like to push myself however, I have said for a long time that I would like to try Youtube (channel linked – please follow!) so that is definitely on the cards. Very shortly.

I also need to work out how this social media malarky really works. It seems as though some people just ‘get it’ while others like me, take a little longer and have to try a little harder.

So make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter and also leave me your links as I mentioned before, I am a serial lurker and love to nosey at what everyone else is doing!

Scottish Fashion Blogger

So if anyone has any tips for this high street fashion blogger – Please share!

We could all do with some words of wisdom every now and then!