DIY Festive Glitter NailsDIY Christmas Nails

 Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!

Hopefully by now you are all suitably stuffed and content with all the delights that this day brings.

Sadly, we are not celebrating Christmas until tomorrow so today has been challenging.. but I have loved seeing everyones posts on social media! I am definitely living vicariously through others today.

On that note, I thought a nice easy DIY hack for festive glitter nails was appropriate for today.

These have received so many compliments and they were so simple to do, I almost feel rude telling you what I did!

I am not much of a nail person, I love wearing polish..but I don’t do it often. I am no expert by any means so this is definitely an idea for likewise novices who want to impress!

You can pick any colours you prefer, I chose

Barry M in Ballerina for the base

Essie Rock At The Top for the tips

and Rimmel Clearly Clear for the top coat

There really isn’t much to it, but it always catches peoples attention. I put two coats of Ballerina on, and then added Rock At The Top by freehand to the tips and then my top coat!

This is far easier than you think, no need for any tape, just follow the natural shape of the nail. You can make the glitter as dense as you like but I would suggest creating the shape lightly to begin. I wanted full shimmer!

Impressively, I have had my festive glitter nails for 8 days and there are NO signs of chipping! This is unheard of. And also a big part of the reason I don’t often wear polish, I just cant stand my varnish chipping within days.

Anyway, time for another I really hope you have a lovely day/evening whatever you may be doing and whatever you celebrate!

Make the most of time spent with loved ones and make some wonderful memories while your at it.