The post title sounds oh so dramatic. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been dealing with some skin changes this Winter. Out of nowhere, BAM, facial dermatitis. Something I have never suffered from before but has really brought out every insecurity in me. It’s my face. I can’t hide it. People can see my face and the issues it has!

Facial DermatitisThe Green Aberdeen

This may be TMI but it is so much more painful than I expected. The dry skin (the dry scalp), irritation, bleeding, redness, tightness and weeping. Gross, I know! *Apologies, this is not lunchtime reading. Should have come with a warning*

Makeup can’t cover think, just keep your head down, hair on your face. It truly is that awful. And with the party season coming up.. all those photos… gah!

As I said, my insecurities are out in full force. My newest accessory. Outfit posts are harder, and not just because of the light situation (although, a blessing in disguise at the moment!)

Scottish Fashion Blogger

Where I lack in personal confidence, I am still trying to dress like myself. Not hiding behind big jumpers and wooly scarves. That would be too easy. I am really trying to avoid touching the affected areas as much as possible!

I have to book a further appointment with the doctor as the treatment provided has frustratingly not worked.

It is so easy to overlook – how something so insignificant (in terms of health), could be so mentally challenging.

I, along with many others, have issues with anxiety etc but it is a world apart when the issue you have is staring people, literally, in the face.

Perhaps it’s both issues together that have attacked my confidence so badly..

The Green AberdeenScottish Fashion Blogger

Scottish Fashion Blogger

Ironically, I don’t like to wallow in self pity TOO much but seriously, WOE IS ME. Right now, allow me to hide in this black hole. If future blog posts focus primarily on the back of my head for the time being, please understand why. It’s me, not you.