With all the social media around us these days, it was getting harder to ignore all the perfect beach bodies I was seeing and I looked into a couple of workout programmes and settled on the Kayla Itsines BBG (Bikini Body Guide).

As I mentioned in my Bucket List I have wanted to work towards that body i’ve always wanted.

Every Summer I say that this is going to be the year. And then it passes.

I followed Kayla on Instagram and the results looked great. After watching Youtube videos and reading blog posts of people who had done the programme, although it looked hard, I was determined to try it.

I am now beginning week 5 of the 12 week programme.

This was never going to be a post. I had no intentions of posting unflattering pictures of my body on the internet. But now that I have hit week 4 and I feel a difference (you may not see it, yet, and I totally understand that) in my body I think posting the pictures might actually spur me on. So with a rash decision, here I am, writing an impromptu post!


I decided not to follow the meal plan. I am simply doing the exercise. I’m not looking for a complete body overhaul just a better model than the one I currently have.

I am 5’2 (157cm ..I think) and weigh 8 1/2 stone.

Although not heavy, a healthy weight for my height, I am vertically challenged and it only takes a lb or two to make a HUGE difference to my figure. Something I am, and always have been, very conscious of. Not being body confident at the best of time, this is very daunting.

I tend to carry my weight around my face and waist.

Until starting this programme I was an avid gym goer but never pushed myself too hard.

Kayla Itsines BBG Results Weeks 1-4

I have a very unhealthy relationship with food which is why I decided not to follow the meal plan.

I become very regimented with my eating when following a plan, I struggle to deviate without overwhelming feelings of guilt and this can be destructive behaviour so I am eating healthily of my own accord and drinking lots of water.

(Not so) Sadly, I have a VERY sweet tooth so I still eat cake on the weekends and I wanted this to be a guilt free and a sustainable diet. As I said, I am looking to improve, not overhaul my body.

I have been following the programmes 3 workouts per week and also the 3 walks per week.

If you would like a review of the programme, let me know and I would be happy to write a post on this.. and may in the future! Can you tell this was spur of the moment..