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Thursday, November 08, 2012

laurenrhiannon, the body shop, facial brush
laurenrhiannon, the body shop, facial brush
laurenrhiannon, the body shop, facial brush
laurenrhiannon, the body shop, facial brush

Good morning!

Today I thought I would do a different kind of post, kind of. I don't know how many of you
 think like me when it comes to the Clarisonic, it sounds great (apart from the under the skin spot purging phase) it seems to work amazingly for some people and they would never go back, others don't think it lives up to the hype but its the fact it comes with a pretty hefty pricetag that puts me off somewhat.

When my skin is going through a rough patch I think I need it.. I am constantly searching online for deals like a crazed woman, because I dont want to pay the full amount if it might not work!

It is effectively a big electric toothbrush for your face.

I spend a lot of time toing and froing over this.
Note to self.. Err get a life..

While I battle with myself over whether or not to buy one I decided to try a Facial Brush and see how I liked it. This is £4 from The Body Shop.
£4!! It is tiny.. but I look at it as.. a big manual toothbrush for my face.

It is teeny tiny, but how big a brush do you need for your face!

I have been using this every second night for the past month
and I actually really love it. For now, I am more than happy with this.

'Apply cleansing product. Gently massage into skin with the Facial Brush using small, circular movements. Rinse off with warm water. For extra exfoliation, use with a facial polisher.'

It is small and flexible enough to guide around the contours, nose etc.
The bristles are not too dense nor are they so stiff I feel it is rough on my skin
but enough to feel it is doing the job.

I did get the dreaded breakout, but it wasn't terrible!
Certainly felt terrible at the time because I never have 2 or 3 spots at once
but they cleared up within days so nothing too distressing.

I can't tell you how smooth my skin feels after using this,
and in general now.
I never had particularly rough skin but I definitely notice a HUGE difference in how it feels and
in my skin tone as I usually get red patches after a breakout.

How many of you have a Clarisonic?
Or what do you think, are brushes worth it?



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