A Somewhat Topshop Outfit

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

laurenrhiannon, Stornoway, Topshop, Embroidered Top, Jamie Jeans, Outfit, blog, Quay, My Girl

laurenrhiannon, Stornoway, Topshop, Embroidered Top, Jamie Jeans, Outfit, blog, Quay, My Girl

laurenrhiannon, Stornoway, Topshop, Embroidered Top, Jamie Jeans, Outfit, blog, Quay, My Girl

laurenrhiannon, Stornoway, Topshop, Embroidered Top, Jamie Jeans, Outfit, blog, Quay, My Girl

laurenrhiannon, Stornoway, Topshop, Embroidered Top, Jamie Jeans, Outfit, blog, Quay, My Girl
Embroidered Top - Topshop Jamie Jeans - Topshop Sunglasses - Quay 'My Girl'

Hello there!

I am spending a couple of days in my home town, it seems to be one of those places you either love or can't wait to get away from.. but I love my home town!

Excuse the less than clear photo's, there are 'proper' outfit posts coming, as natural as I can be (You may be able to tell how uncomfortable I am in front of the camera by the lack of full frontal shots!)

I am not dressed up, it has been a casual affair.. it is pouring with rain, then glorious sunshine here.. Hello, Autumn!

But as a little introduction to what will hopefully become a more comfortable experience, I hope you can accept it :)

I have been posting a lot of outfit pics on Instagram this week which will be coming in a post shortly, link in the sidebar if you want to follow Instagram @laurenrhiannon!

H&M - Palm Leaf Bikini

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

H&M Palm Leaf laurenrhiannon blog

I don't know where this palm leaf (heck..leaves in general) lust came from!

The palm leaf print is everywhere right now, and i'm not complaining! Granted, when I find a trend I like, I really go for it! And this one is not exception..

I have spotted jumpsuits, vest tops, skirts all around town and I think the print can look so effortless and timeless so something great for an investment piece this Summer.

There are some great pieces out there right now and H&M was my first stop so I thought I would share my buys!

I haven't booked my Summer holidays yet, but I will be doing so shortly as I bought the above bikini (here and here - I actually really like the floral set too! the briefs also come in this high waisted offering here), and kaftan (no link online but it was widely available in store) .. and of course, a head band!

H&M is so affordable - The bikini set was £3.99 each which is great..although a word of warning, I do not personally have huge boobs but I did have to size up from my normal 8 to a 12 which seems crazy but I do think H&M sizing can be a bit iffy and definitely requires trying on!

Is anyone else on the palm leaf wagon with me?

Lacklustre Hair - Balayage

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

lacklustre hair laurenrhiannon

I have booked myself in for a consultation at the hairdressers this week.

My hair. What even is this right now, I have no explanation!


When you get to that stage that all you do is put your hair up, it's time for a change!

I am so inspired by all those girls getting the chop that I am tempted to lob off my lacklustre mane!

Not too short though, my moon face wouldn't suit it! BUT I was considering some balayage to perk it up and also having a fair whack of the length off?


Is long hair still to do, or is short in for Summer?

Also, on the balayage.. how blonde? or bronde to go?

Body Confidence - Trying To Be More Sassy

Monday, 1 June 2015

Topshop Poppy Cami laurenrhiannon

Zara basic black dress laurenrhiannon

Hurry up Summer!

I am looking to take some 'proper' outfit pictures soon but for now I thought I would do a little post about two of my favourite new items. Of which there are many.

To put it out these.. Summer shopping is my bag, Winter knits although lovely..just don't do it for me like Summer clothes!

I love little cami tops and dresses and tend to layer these with a jumper or cardigan in the Winter. And of course, obligatory super cosy tights.

For Summer, as always I am trying to lose a little weight. I think I still suffer from puppy fat!
Is that still a thing in your twenties?

Anyway, I have never fully embraced my 'shape'. I am petite in the sense of height but perfectly average otherwise, so it doesn't take much to make me look as though I am carrying a lot of weight or vice versa.

Forever have I stuck to wearing skater dresses, shift dresses, a line skirts.. These tend to flatter me more due to my unfortunate lack of height. *woe is me*
I like shorter cuts to give the illusion of longer legs and I have never accepted the fact I have hips, so I tend to skim these with the a line cut!

But this Summer, as I said to my boyfriend, I am going to try and be a little more sassy (obviously my kind of sassy is quite conservative, given that I am not very hip) in the clothing department!

I know I am not cool, I can't pull off all the great things I see other people wear but for me.. this is a huge step forward!

Anyone else sassing it up this season?

Brand Love : ASOS Wishlist

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Happy weekend! 

Huzzah... it's Summer, apart from the heavy rain and hail that is covering Aberdeen at the moment! But i'm thinking cocktails, holidays..new wardrobe?! Yes..?

ASOS is one of the stores that is really selling it to me at the moment, especially suede.. and 70s fashion. I am really loving both of those - and I think the feeling is mutual as I am spotting a lot of both in the blogging sphere!

There is also a lot of black, I don't know why. It may be because I am Scottish. White is great with a tan as we know.. but you can never go wrong with black, its a staple!

A few of my favourites above, all clickable :)

Obviously, my saved items are much more than the above but I think some of these are timeless and could easily take you through the seasons!

I especially love the 'Gypsy' Playsuit and the Leather and Suede black jacket!


Instagram Update

Monday, 25 May 2015


Granted, my blogging routine has gone to pot. This was never a career for me though, a hobby is a hobby and I never wanted to feel pressured into doing it!

Anyway, I am really trying to update my Instagram more.. if I can't find the time to update on here (which i'm trying to do more..as of, now) I am updating there. 
To be honest, I was so wrapped up in looking at other peoples pictures, I forgot I could add my own! So I am still getting the knack of it! 
Don't expect anything spectacular quite yet. In fact, since I last properly blogged.. I don't even REALLY remember how to take a selfie. The horror.

I am also admittedly a right little stalker, so if you fancy a stalk on mine, it's a little mixture of whatever comes, no real theme (the shame) or if you want to leave your link to feed my envy then please do so in the comments :)

Wicked UK Tour

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I think I will start off by saying I am not a huge theatre go-er.

I don't dislike the theatre, but I never caught that big theatre bug!

In saying that, there are a lot of shows that I think 'oh yeh, must go see that sometime'

So, when the opportunity to see Wicked came up, and as it was in Aberdeen.. I was actually very excited at the prospect of taking in a show.

Wicked being one of those shows that the majority of people I know have seen, the one that they then see again..and again.. and prevail to tell me that I just have to go and see it, but I never had the opportunity before and didn't know much of the story, so it remained on my 'oh yeh, must go see that sometime' list.

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 1

I won't be ruining the story for those of you who haven't seen it, and for those where it remains on your list of things to see but a few things to mention..

I love how bright and colourful the costumes are

The fact that they have been performing two shows a day with the amount of singing (which is beautiful) involved is incredible and commands a huge amount of respect!

The story has all angles covered and totally flips your childhood opinions of the Oz story

I took my boyfriend with me to see this, and he really enjoyed it. It is quite a girly story though, maybe you would fully embrace this better if shared with another like-minded female but as I said, he did enjoy it. 

The monkeys freak me the hell out. Words can't even..

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 3

I said I wouldn't ruin the story and I won't, but a brief introduction if you are completely unfamiliar!

Wicked is a parallel view of The Wizard of Oz.

Seen from the perspective of two witches - Elphaba and Glinda, from meeting as students at university to how we eventually come to know them in the Wizard of Oz as The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda The Good.

It covers a lot of young adult emotions, feeling misunderstood.. friendship groups, looking at the popular people and how easy everything seems, love, life ..but it takes a new spin on what you thought you knew.

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 5

If you get the opportunity to see Wicked, I couldn't recommend it enough..(have I just turned into my friends?!)

It has been running for over 9 years and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down so there is plenty of time to make an event of it

Tickets start from £16 so hopefully it is affordable for most people and it is something a little different!

I have added the website link and clip below if you are interested in any more information

Has anyone already seen it? What were your thoughts?