Wicked UK Tour

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I think I will start off by saying I am not a huge theatre go-er.

I don't dislike the theatre, but I never caught that big theatre bug!

In saying that, there are a lot of shows that I think 'oh yeh, must go see that sometime'

So, when the opportunity to see Wicked came up, and as it was in Aberdeen.. I was actually very excited at the prospect of taking in a show.

Wicked being one of those shows that the majority of people I know have seen, the one that they then see again..and again.. and prevail to tell me that I just have to go and see it, but I never had the opportunity before and didn't know much of the story, so it remained on my 'oh yeh, must go see that sometime' list.

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 1

I won't be ruining the story for those of you who haven't seen it, and for those where it remains on your list of things to see but a few things to mention..

I love how bright and colourful the costumes are

The fact that they have been performing two shows a day with the amount of singing (which is beautiful) involved is incredible and commands a huge amount of respect!

The story has all angles covered and totally flips your childhood opinions of the Oz story

I took my boyfriend with me to see this, and he really enjoyed it. It is quite a girly story though, maybe you would fully embrace this better if shared with another like-minded female but as I said, he did enjoy it. 

The monkeys freak me the hell out. Words can't even..

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 3

I said I wouldn't ruin the story and I won't, but a brief introduction if you are completely unfamiliar!

Wicked is a parallel view of The Wizard of Oz.

Seen from the perspective of two witches - Elphaba and Glinda, from meeting as students at university to how we eventually come to know them in the Wizard of Oz as The Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda The Good.

It covers a lot of young adult emotions, feeling misunderstood.. friendship groups, looking at the popular people and how easy everything seems, love, life ..but it takes a new spin on what you thought you knew.

Wicked UK Tour Aberdeen 5

If you get the opportunity to see Wicked, I couldn't recommend it enough..(have I just turned into my friends?!)

It has been running for over 9 years and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down so there is plenty of time to make an event of it

Tickets start from £16 so hopefully it is affordable for most people and it is something a little different!

I have added the website link and clip below if you are interested in any more information

Has anyone already seen it? What were your thoughts?

Born With It..

Thursday, 5 February 2015

laurenrhiannon Maybelline Colour Sensational

laurenrhiannon Maybelline Lip Gloss
Top to Bottom 420 - Glorious Grapefruit, 130 - Fuchsia Flash, 105 - Cashmere Rose, 360 - Stellar Berry
Now I know there was a lot of hype around these Maybelline Colour Sensational Shine Glosses but I still wanted to get my two cents in!
I bought Stellar Berry on a whim last Autumn. Part of the Boots 3 for 2 deal, (I can NEVER resist)
I chose this as my 'free' item. I don't know why because I don't like glosses!
Impulse at its best, but I like plummy colours so hey, why not!
So I went home and tried it on..OBSESSED.
It is not sticky like the glosses I remember growing up with, the colour payoff is really even and pretty darn pigmented.. with the darker shades at least!
They even feel, dare I say it... slightly moisturising due to the 'nourishing honey nectar' they have!
Thicker than the average gloss but not gloopy.
Obviously I had to return to boots and buy more and here I am now with a modest collection.
I think these can definitely compete with higher end brands, they don't last a crazy 8 hour period as some brands can claim but they are easy to apply with the doe foot applicator and I think you could confidently apply these with no mirror they are so fuss free!
At £6.19 they aren't the cheapest drugstore gloss you could find, but definitely worth it!
Especially if you were going for the 3 for 2 deal, but I have also seen them on sale in good ol' ASDA for £5 which is a little more purse friendly. But then again, I am a points fiend! If Boots do it, that's where i'm going!
Glorious Grapefruit and Stellar Berry are my most worn. I tend to wear Glorious Grapefruit over a lipstick as it is more sheer with a slight tint, but I am happy to wear Stellar Berry on it's own.

laurenrhiannon Maybelline Lip Gloss

I will be adding some pouty pictures to give you a better idea of the colours but I am full of the cold right now and no one needs to see that!!
I will probably add these to my Instagram (laurenrhiannon) or as linked in the sidebar if you want to have a nosey!
Does anyone else love these like me, or am I alone now?!
If so, what colour next!!

Some Reflection And Thinking Forward

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Snoopy Moleskine, Barry M Ballerina, Maybelline ColourSensational, Ray Ban Clubmasters c/o smartbuyglasses

It's the 1st of February - January is gone, I wish that meant that the snow was melting (it is currently still snowing) and the weather was getting warmer (I live in Aberdeen, enough said) and that everything was just wonderful.. but I just paid for my road tax, so my Sunday could have been better!

At the moment I am putting a lot of time into redecorating and trying to make my home..a home!
I have been here for 10 months, I feel I know the building now and have set ideas that I am ready to make a reality (ooo err)!

So my days are filled with planning and a little shopping and painting and stripping walls.. the excitement!

I have a lot of posts coming up, a lot that should have been posted before the New Year but I lost a great friend before Christmas. Unfortunately, we still don't have a cause which makes it so hard to accept. Very unexpected and utterly heartbreaking, but I believe peaceful and with no pain. 
In fact, I hope he never knew. That thought gets me by.

At only 19, a colleague and surrogate brother.. he always wanted me to mention him on here - but I guess never in this circumstance!

I have spent a lot of my Winter weeks in reflection - Happy and sad, and although it hasn't started as the best year for me, I intend to make it something to remember and achieve all I can!

So let me know all your good news and share your own home posts and anything else I may have missed!

PS. I have forgotten how to take a selfie - Follow me on Instagram for proof! I may need to stalk the pros for tips :)

LUSH Christmas 2014

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Until moving earlier this year.. it had been around 5 years since I had a bath (showering, of course)!!

 I know a lot of people in the blogging community are HUGE +LUSH fans!

And although I watched many a video or read blog posts on the latest offerings of bath products, it just wasn't an option for me to buy any fun bath products and I tended not to look at what was available in store on that side. For me, it was about the skincare and the moisturisers.

But HUZZAH! I have now moved and I have a bath!
I am excited about this with the cold weather approaching, but then again... it's just another area to start spending money on that I didn't before!
I love Lush, apart from being all natural goodness and having amazing company ethics (they never test on animals, or associate with companies who do).. the products are just great fun!
Nothing like bright colours, fizzing and glitter to make a grown woman feel like a child again!
Tell me what is not to love about a good bath bomb!
We were so lucky to be invited into store and to be shown the new Halloween/Christmas collection.
The bath area still being new to me I was just in awe of all the colours and effects they were showing!
I was amazed at how genuinely enthusiastic all the staff are, and how much their love of the products comes through when they talk. I have no idea how they remember specific ingredients of the products!
Whether you are planning to give any Lush products as gifts this Christmas, or for yourself..
These are a must!
I have so many on my list now to buy.
Are there any you would recommend to a newbie like me?

Mallzee - The Personal Shopping App

Thursday, 16 October 2014

I have taken a little break from blogging this year due to recently buying my own property #skint , moving.. then generally life just getting in the way
It's hard work pretending to be a grown up!

But I am easing myself back into this blogging malarky and my haven't things changed!

There have been a couple of emails floating about recently that I really wanted to share some more information on with you.

So, I have been in contact with the lovely ladies at Mallzee for a while now, and i'll give you a little rundown on Mallzee if you don't already know!

Shopping App

Think of Mallzee like Tinder.. for shopping, not men (or women)

Ok not really, but this really is a great shopping app!

With all your favourite brands in one place (Topshop, River Island, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Forever 21 and SO many more) you can search them all to your hearts content. Whether it be clothes, accessories, sportswear or shoes!

With a quick swipe to say either yes or no (like Tinder, geddit?) you can move on to the next item!

You can save your favourite brands, you can get alerts as to when items go on sale, you can save your style feeds if you are looking to put an outfit together.
You can also follow the links through to the brand website to purchase.
It really is that simple, and so handy!
It saves clogging up the photo album on my phone or the numerous notes reminding me of things I like.
I am a HUGELY indecisive shopper.

I've been telling people all about it the past week (i'm a little bit of a pusher) and friends have since downloaded the app and now agree how great it is.

Even my boyfriend is interested, which says a lot!
Especially with Christmas approaching, the fact that I can save style feeds or share items, it could really help him with present buying :)

Which I think we both appreciate (Thanks Mallzee!)

All we need to do is get the word out there, use the app and share the experience!

In helping achieve this Mallzee are offering a great prize courtesy of http://www.ebuyer.com  and London College of Fashion

-An iPad air for blogging on the go
-A Canon wireless printer, to print all your beautiful images
-A blogging short course at the world-renowned London College of Fashion, where you’ll learn (from industry pros) about how to develop your blog’s effectiveness
-£250 to spend on your favourite brand through Mallzee
competition details are here and closes Monday 20th October


Sunday, 12 October 2014

I was recently contacted by Currys about a competition they are running

I actually really liked the idea because it got me and my boyfriend thinking.. debating, and overall agreeing on what our answer would be!

The competition is for a home cinema soundsystem ( http://techtalk.currys.co.uk/music/tell-us-your-favourite-movie-soundtrack-to-win-a-home-cinema-soundsystem/ ) for these cold nights (not so far) ahead of us where you just want to cuddle up with a blanket, and if you are like me.. light some candles, and watch some nonsense on tv!

So, the question was - and I would love to know your answers! Because there were so many that we loved-

What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

Simple! Until you start to think about it!

There are SO many great soundtracks out there.. but, I had to go with a classic...
a film where children.. adults..men..women.. everyone knows the film, or of the film and the words to at least one song!

We know the characters, the outfits are synonymous with the film which we still try to replicate...FYI I had my disco pants on last night! And the songs are pretty flipping' great!

Grease is the word!

Sandy and Danny

I also can't deny, that I have always.. and probably will always be lusting after Danny Zuko!

No brainer, sorry Peter!

The deadline for this competition is 12/10/14 and all you have to do is answer this question, and send a tweet of your entry to @CurrysPCWorld using the hashtag #CurrysMovieNight

Rimmel Moisture Renew - Funtime Fuchsia 320

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Rimmel pink lipstick laurenrhiannon uk beauty blogger
Rimmel funtime fuchsia 320 lipstick

Back to lipsticks.

Nothing new then!

I bought this before Christmas and I thought ooh.. it's a bright one, save this for nights out when i'm feeling a little daring!

But for some reason, don't have a clue why.. I decided to put it on one morning before work. And i've worn it every day since.

That is really rare for me!

Now i'm sure you are aware by now that I love Rimmel lipsticks? No?
I'll link back to a couple of posts.. :)

Number 1Number 2Number 3

This colour is Funtime Fuchsia - 320. It is that gorgeous purple/pink colour (which appears a bit more pink on me unless I layer it on). Fuchsia is one of my favourite colours as a whole, but not one I would often choose to wear.

The Rimmel Moisture Renew lipsticks are bloomin' amazing to begin with!

I 'suffer' from dry lips, cold climates up here in Aberdeen, so I really need something moisturising!
And as a day to day lipstick, these are fantastic!
I can put this on in the (horribly early) morning, and it lasts a good 4/5 hours, even after copious amounts of tea and my lips aren't left feeling chapped!

I have blotted this colour slightly in the above picture as I don't like it to look too bright for work, but this is also the shade I was wearing in the post below for a brighter pink.

Ah, i'm in love.

Are there any Rimmel colours I should buy next?